Kaiserwinkl Kunst & Kultur
Projects Internal

Projects Internal

  • Club pub and social environment incl. events (music & singing)
  • Picture and video gallery for the Kaiserwinkl region and its art & culture
  • Original grain and seeds (cereals, chicken feed etc.), cultivation in the Kaiserwinkl region
  • Milk and dairy products, meat (…what the local farmer produces…)
  • Gardening and self-sufficiency (vegetables, salads, fruit, berries, etc.)
  • Bees, honey and propolis production and products
  • Members’ own products for exchange (trading platform)
  • Resources of the members (machines & knowledge, services – fair repair)
  • Holistic health, natural remedies / herbs & medicine cabinet
  • Health care and medical services in Kaiserwinkl
  • Child care and education, training, seminars etc. for club members
  • Fitness and training, archery etc. in Kaiserwinkl
  • Sewing, knitting and embroidery, cooking and baking
  • Architecture and design (exterior and interior), nature conform living
  • Nature-has-right as a basis for life and guide for sustainable and nature-conform decisions
  • Sanmeigaku as a decision support (Japanese-Chinese astrology as a long-term cycle knowledge creation)
  • Financing of the association platform and the projects in the association
  • Networking and cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Emergency preparedness, CB radio etc.