Kaiserwinkl Kunst & Kultur


The association serves as a platform for projects relevant to art and culture that bring added value to the general public. All members are invited to contribute their own project proposals, as well as to participate in the implementation of all projects.

Each project needs a main responsible person who takes over the project management. As a contact person, they act as an interface between the project team and the association. Current information will be communicated regularly in the newsletter.

Currently running projects:

    Association pub and social environment incl. events (music & singing)

    Picture and video gallery for the Kaiserwinkl region and its art & culture

    Holistic health, natural remedies / herbs & home pharmacy

    Health care and medical services in the Kaiserwinkl region

    Child care and education, training, seminars etc. for association members

    Financing of the association platform and the projects in the association

    Networking and cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience

    Emergency preparedness, CB radio etc.

Planned projects:

    Urkorn and seeds (cereals, chicken feed etc.), cultivation in Kaiserwinkl

    Milk and dairy products, meat (…what the local farmer produces…)

    Gardening and self-sufficiency (vegetables, salads, fruit, berries, etc.)

    Bees, honey and propolis production and products

    Members’ own products for exchange (trading platform)

    Resources of the members (machines & knowledge, services – fair repair)

    Fitness and training, archery etc. in Kaiserwinkl

    Sewing, knitting and embroidery, cooking and baking

    Architecture and design (exterior and interior), nature conform living

    Nature-has-right as a basis for living and a guide for sustainable and nature conform decisions

    Sanmeigaku as a decision-making tool (Japanese-Chinese astrology as a long-term cycle-knowledge-creation)